Equi Pf

Equi-pf avoids all the difficulties associated with the traditional tension table technique while preserving the original tension table principles.

By automating the inflow and outflow measurements and tension applied to the sample, Equi-pf:

  • Significantly improves the accuracy and reliability of the measurements and data.
  • Reduces sample disturbance as there is no repeat handling required.
  • Considerably reduces labour hours and improves the efficiency of the operation.



Benefits of Equi-pf – Automated Soil Moisture Release Curve Apparatus

Benefits of using Equi-pf to determine the soil moisture release curve:

  • Fully automated – the sample is put in place and no further operator intervention is required.
  • No disturbance of the sample during tests.
  • Programmable tension steps.
  • Soil reaches equilibrium at each tension step.
  • Each tension step has a user settable time limit to reach equilibrium.
  • Weighing errors are eliminated – inflow and outflow water volume is measured directly, to an accuracy of 0.1 ml.
  • Outflow and inflow curves, both cumulative and for the current tension are automatically updated and displayed on a graphical LCD.
  • Each tension step can be manually bypassed.
  • Allows multiple continuous drying and wetting cycles.
  • Data on hysteresis in soils.

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How to Buy an Equi-pf Automated Soil Moisture Release Curve Apparatus

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