The Drycom Moisture Meter is used for industrial moisture measurement and control in the textiles, food, grain, pharmaceuticals industries and many others. Drycom can be used either online or off-line (either in the plant or in the laboratory).

Moisture is a critical factor in many application areas and processes. By measuring the moisture of the product being processed significant benefits can be obtained. Drycom Moisture Measurement systems are designed to assist our customers to optimise their production processes and maximise productivity, quality, operating efficiencies and profitability.

The Drycom Moisture Measurement & Control system is popular and well-proven for industrial applications. It has been sold into more than 40 countries. Drycom has been applied to processes from breakfast cereals, to health care and sanitary products, to conventional textiles, paper, grain, non-wovens, etc.

Drycom Features

  • Drycom can be easily integrated into your existing processing plant.
  • Drycom customers benefit from our vast experience in moisture measurement and control and enjoy a very rapid payback of their investment!

Drycom Benefits

Accurate on-line measurement of product moisture enables effective moisture control. Accurate information is power. Knowing what the actual conditions are in the product allows automatic control of product quality, its moisture content and direct costs.

The benefits of Drycom Moisture Control include

  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity (20-30% in some cases)
  • Improved product consistency
  • Improved downstream processing
  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Elimination of over-drying
  • Reduced reprocessing
  • Increased average moisture content (resulting in higher sales value)
  • Reduction in customer complaints
  • Reduced shade variations
  • Optimised processing conditions

How Drycom Works

Drycom Moisture Measurement Systems are precision instruments that use a unique adaptation of the conductivity principle. Drycom Moisture Meters are proven to be accurate, reliable, robust and are designed to operate in hostile industrial environments.

Drycom Moisture Meters

  • Can measure to 0% moisture content
  • Are not affected by variations in product thickness and density
  • Can accurately measure materials with highly variable moisture levels
  • Are not affected by surface characteristics and product temperature

These features give Drycom moisture meters significant advantages over other conductivity instruments and equipment that uses capacitance and infra-red techniques. Drycom Moisture Meters measure moisture in products continuously and can be used in both on-line and off-line applications. Calibrations for a range of products and materials are stored in the memory of each meter and can be easily selected by the operator.

What makes Drycom so special

The Drycom Moisture Measurement and Control systems are popular and well proven for the control of moisture in a wide range of applications. Drycom moisture analyzer and meter systems are precision instruments that use a unique adaptation of the conductivity principle.that allows the system to be engineered to provide the best solution for each application. Drycom systems provide our customers with:

  • Immediate, continuous and accurate moisture measurement
  • Up to three independent moisture sensors per Moisture Meter
  • Measurement to 0% Moisture Content, made possible by advanced sensor design, input electronics and measurement algorithms
  • Sensors measure the entire thickness of the product, not just the surface
  • Readings that are not affected by surface presentation, colour, temperature, normal variations in thickness or density of the product under test
  • Readings that take into account the moisture profile in the product
  • Measurement from 0% to approximately 2x the equilibrium moisture for the product under test
  • Storage of multiple ‘recipes’ enabling accurate measurement (and control) of different products, blends etc

Drycom vs the Rest

The Drycom Moisture Meter has many benefits over the normal conductivity meters. Our system is a precision instrument that will provide you with accuracies of better than +/-0.5% for a uniformly dried sample. Other Moisture Meters have a very limited range and poor accuracy, they are generally used as “indicators” rather than meters (i.e. they will indicate if a product lies in one of three bands; too wet; too dry; somewhere in the middle).

How to Buy Drycom

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