Aquaflex Sensors

To allow ease of connection to the multitude of Telemetry Systems, Logging Systems and Irrigation Controllers the Aquaflex Sensor has been made to be compatible with all common interfaces.

See the list below for a solution to connect Aquaflex into your system.

Aquaflex with SDI-12

SDI-12 is a serial communication protocol for sensors. The Aquaflex SDI-12 communication is done in accordance with the SDI-12 Standard, Version 1.3.

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Aquaflex with 4-20mA

The Sensor has two separate 4 to 20mA outputs of soil moisture (in volumetric percent), and soil temperature. These outputs facilitate easy connection to dataloggers, irrigation controllers, telemetry systems etc.
These signals may be used separately or simultaneously at any time without any changes to the sensor

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Aquaflex with Pulse

The Aquaflex sensor produces two pulse outputs, representing volumetric soil moisture and temperature respectively.

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Compatible loggers

This is a short list of systems that are known to work with the Aquaflex Sensor.
Please contact us if your system is not shown.

  • iQuest iRIS 150FX – Aquaflex with SDI-12
  • Loncel RMU – Aquaflex with SDI-12
  • Motorola Piccolo RTU – Aquaflex with Pulse
  • Motorola Piccolo XR – Aquaflex with Pulse
  • Motorola Irrinet – Aquaflex with Pulse
  • Motorola Scorpio – Aquaflex with Pulse
  • YDOC ML315DS-PV Remote Telemetry Unit (RTU) – Aquaflex with SDI-12


Power supply voltage +6.0 to +26 Volts, DC.
Power supply current 200uA average, 150mA peak (for 60 milliseconds during measurement)
Operating Temperature -10 to 40°C (14 to 104°F)
Soil Moisture Measurement


0 to 60% volumetric moisture content

Precision / Repeatability

± 0.5% volumetric moisture content


± 2% volumetric moisture content
Soil Temperature Measurement The temperature is measured at the body of the sensor, not along the moisture-sensing cable.


-10 to 50°C (14 to 122°F)


± 0.5°C (0.9°F)

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