Manage Your

Irrigation Soil Growth

Use Aquaflex to optimise your soil moisture and soil temperature

Aquaflex is a key irrigation tool which measures two primary variables that control plant growth:

  • Soil Water
  • Soil Temperature

The Aquaflex soil moisture sensor enables you to balance the soil moisture and soil temperature to maximise growth and quality – a delicate balancing act only possible with the correct data.

Avoid Over-Watering
Over watering wastes water, energy and soluble nutrients – all of which you are paying for.
Optimise Plant Production
Plant production can be improved by balancing soil temperatures and irrigation application.
Environmental Stewardship
Instigating a soil moisture monitoring system will help you prove your environmental management systems are robust.
Assist with difficult Irrigation Management Decisions
Without accurate soil moisture data is almost impossible to determine the current situation and what the best course of action may be.

Irrigation management in the shoulders of the growing season is difficult and soil temperature is the main limiting factor to growth. In the peak of the season the soil moisture becomes a dominant force to the health of the plant. It is important to keep the soil dry enough so it can be warmed easily and yet provide adequate water for maximising plant production – Aquaflex provides the information to assist you in achieving this.

Sensor Kits

Aquaflex Smart

The Aquaflex Smart kit contains the Bluetooth enabled Aquaflex Smart Hub, a single Aquaflex Soil Sensor and all the parts needed to get you started on monitoring your soil conditions.
The Smart Hub can be expanded to have the following options.

  • An additional Aquaflex Sensor (a maximum of two Aquaflex Sensors can be connected)
  • Air temperature sensor
  • Electronic rain gauge

Aquacom Telemetry

The Aquacom system is made up from three core parts; field sensors; one or more Aquacom Field Units; and an Aquacom Base Unit.
The Aquacom system is a vital part for increasing yield and quailty by collecting the data needed to make smart decisions.

Aquaflex Sensors

Aquaflex with SDI-12

SDI-12 is a serial communication protocol for sensors. The Aquaflex SDI-12 communication is done in accordance with the SDI-12 Standard, Version 1.3.

Aquaflex with 4-20mA

The Sensor has two separate 4 to 20mA outputs of soil moisture (in volumetric percent), and soil temperature.
These outputs facilitate easy connection to dataloggers, irrigation controllers, telemetry systems etc.

Aquaflex with Pulse

The Aquaflex Sensor produces two pulse outputs, representing volumetric soil moisture and temperature respectively.
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