Aquaflex Soil Sensor

Aquaflex is a key irrigation tool which measures two primary variables that control plant growth:

  • Soil Water
  • Soil Temperature

In the shoulders of the growing season soil temperature is the main limiting factor to growth. In the peak of the season the soil moisture becomes a dominant force to the health of the plant. It is important to keep the soil dry enough so it can be warmed easily and yet provide adequate water for maximising plant production.

How Aquaflex will benefit you

Aquaflex enables you to balance the soil moisture and soil temperature to minimise the time until the soil temperature increases to the point where pasture growth rate increases. At the same time the soil must not be so dry as to limit growth – a delicate balancing act only possible with the correct data.

Use Aquaflex to:

Avoid Over-Watering
Over watering wastes water, energy and soluble nutrients – all of which you are paying for.
Optimise Plant Production
Plant production can be improved by allowing soil temperatures to increase before watering but also limit over-watering.
Environmental Stewardship
Instigating a soil moisture monitoring system will help you prove your environmental management systems are robust.
Assist with difficult Irrigation Management Decisions
Without accurate soil moisture data is almost impossible to determine how far behind you are and what the best course of action may be.

Aquaflex is simple

Step 1
Bury the sensor to the root depth of the plant.

Step 2
Use your computer or mobile device to configure and download data.

Step 3
Review the sensor data and use it to improve your systems.

Aquaflex software

Aquaflex can be used with your PC, iPad, iPhone and Android mobile devices. The software is easy to use and it shows you the data that you need in order to maximise your growing performance.

Options and Accessories

Smart battery box

The Aquaflex Smart battery box is Bluetooth LE enabled. The battery box can power two sensors, a rain gauge and air temperature sensor. The data which can be easily retrieved using a mobile device and the Aquaflex Mobile software.

Wifi Adapter

The Wifi adapter allows a connection from the sensor to a Apple or Android tablet/phone. This is an easy option for getting data from several Aquaflex sensors where telemetry is not required.